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Henry Ford 2 Marching Falcons

Your Time Block Begins Now

Henry Ford II Marching Falcons
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1. No ranting about fellow band members/teachers/instructors. We don't want feelings to get hurt. Although band IS quite dramatic, please say nothing nasty about anybody.

2. Do NOT advertise your community in here. Band kids aren't intrested if we're "_the_shizzle_" or "2_hawt_4_u__homo". We're above that. If you do, I will warn you, and delete your entry. If this happens again, I will unfortunately have to ban you.

3. Don't post anything if it's not related in some way to marching band. I mean, seriously... why would you want to talk about anything else?

4. If you're don't go to Henry Ford II and aren't in marching band, you're not welcome here. The only exception is Jen (aka humanbuttwipe). She will unfortunately be leaving us next year to go to Stevenson. If you are a graduated Henry Ford II Marching Falcon, we'd love to hear your expierences :)

5. Please keep cussing to a minimum. A few slip ups are okay, but if you're constantly dropping the f-bomb and the s-crane, I'll have to kick you out.

6. Advertise to Ford 2 marching band members as much as possible! Encourage them to get Livejournals if they don't have them already.

7. Have fun with this community, and band. It's band. How can you not?


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